A few amusing ‘cat-scratch’ facts, part 1

Need a little recharge? Here’s some amusing ‘cat-scratch’ facts on our feline pals to enliven your day.

  • Around 450 BC, in ancient Egypt, anyone who killed a cat was punished by death. When a family cat died, it was customary the whole family would shave off their eyebrows to mourn the passing of their beloved cat. In the case of fire, the cat safety was the priority before attempt was made to put out the fire.
  • The musical ‘Cats‘, produced by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber was based on Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by TS Eliot. It is the longest-running musical ever performed in London’s West End. It first opened on the New London Theatre on 11th May 1981 and since has been performed in more than thirteen countries and translated into not less than ten different languages.
  • In a legend of Orient origin, it is said that the cat is the offspring of a monkey and a lioness – the monkey endowing his brood with cheekiness and curiosity and the lioness, with dignity and control.
  • Krazy Kat was the first cartoon cat, appearing as a newspaper strip cartoon in New York Evening Journal in 1910. It was drawn by George Herriman, a story about a cat named Krazy Kat who had an unrequited love for a mouse named Ignatz Mouse.   It was widely praised by intellectuals and treated as “serious” art during its run.  Although Krazy Kat was not a runaway success, many modern cartoonists have credited the strip as a major influence. In 1921, Krazy Kat was made into a silence movie ‘Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse‘.
  • Garfield, the fat lazy cartoon cat was created by Jim Davies in 1978. Within four years of creation, Garfield was featuring in nearly a thousand newspaper comic strips worldwide.
  • A cat is very often kept in the theatre as a lucky mascot. Mistreating the cat will surely lead to misfortune.
  • A cat with agouti coat is a cat whose every strand of hair has alternate banding of yellow and black pigmentation along the length. This banding (or commonly known as ticking in cat lover community ) of hair is known as Agouti.
  • ‘The cat is the animal to whom the Creator gave the biggest eye, the softest fur, the most supremely  delicate nostrils, a mobile ear, an unrivalled paw and a curved claw borrowed from the rose -tree…’  – by Colette.  ‘A curved claw borrowed from the rose-tree…’, a perfect description on the ‘cat-scratch’ inducing weapon belonging to a seemingly docile creature.

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