Aquarius Cats

Aquarian feline, the Water Bearer
(January 21st – February 19th)

Key features: Idealistic, reserved, tolerant

Very much alike the Capricornian feline in its devotedness when the influence of Saturn is strong, the Aquarian cat becomes extrovert and rebellious when the influence of Uranus dominates. Consequently, there is an unpredictability factor to this cat which is most puzzling. One should not take this factor lightly, or one might just get a nasty cat scratches at the least provocation.

Cleverer than the average cat, Aquarian remains calm in moments of crisis, therefore, making a born leader with a singular sense of vision – attributed to the third all-seeing eye which is believed to be invisibly embedded in the middle of the Aquarian forehead, also known as the Eye of Horus in ancient Egyptian mythology.

A seeker of truth, the Aquarian cat is an expert in the ‘penetrating looks’ ploy and staring at its cold watchful eyes can be a disconcerting experience for all its human owner.  However, all is not as uncomfortable as it would at first appear. The prevailing nature of the Aquarian cat is that it is friendly, caring, loyal, trustworthy and initiative in giving attention.

Aquarian cat is often of slender build with wide set eyes and pointed eyes. They may be sensitive to health issues associated with the teeth, gum, limbs, circulation and nervous system.