Aries Cats

Aries feline, the cat of the Ram
(March 21st – April 20th)

Key features: Positive, energy, leadership

Arian cat, the bearer of the first sign of Zodiac, epitomizes the heavenly sense of awakening, rejuvenation and joyousness of the Vernal Equinox. Arian cat is brave, assertive and a devoted companion, but be aware of its volatile nature too, lest be cat scratched.

The male Arian feline is the irrepressible ‘ginger Tom from next door’ whilst the female Arian is a flighty feline temptress. Both irrepressible flirts, each possess a fiery hot temper – understandable since Aries is a Fire sign – and the sparks (or claws) will fly when the objects of the male Arian’s desire does not reciprocate the feeling!

Physically very agile, the Arian cat shows a fine indifference for its owners treasured ornaments which may come tumbling down during a sudden burst of indoor gymnastics. This is a cat of energetic demeanour and with a quick, darting appearance. Be warned!

Leaning towards lean and wiry body with a long slender neck, the Arian cat often manifests its Fire sign associations with a scarlet or ruddy coat colour.

Health problems most likely are those related with the brain, head, upper jaw and heart carotid arteries. Guard against eye troubles, toothache and feverish sickness such as cat flu.