Birman Cats

A little ‘cat-scratch’ teaser for all cat lovers. Have you read how the famed Birman cats came into being?

Long before the teachings of Buddha enlightened the peoples of South-East Asia, the local tribe of Burma (now known as Myanmar) built a temple high on a slope of the northwestern mountain range. The sacred temple was called Lao-Tsun and it was here that the Kittah priests worshipped the golden goddess with sapphire eyes, Tsun-Kyan-Kse, who guided the consciousness of the deceased to rebirth in their next body.

There were many white longhaired felines with amber eyes in residence at the Lao-Tsun temple. It was said that the bodies of these cats were temporary receptors of the venerable souls of departed priests. One such beautiful cat, whose name was Sinh, was the personal favorite of the High Priest Mun-Ha. ‘Sinh’ means birth.

One day, as Mun-Ha knelt to pray before the golden statue of the goddess, he was mercilessly killed by intruders. Seeing this, Sinh immediately leapt upon the body of his master and looked up into the sapphire eyes of the goddess. Precisely at that moment, Mun-Ha’s soul was transmigrated into the body of Sinh whose fur instantly took on the golden glow of the goddess and its eyes turned into brilliant blue. Sinh’s nose, ears, legs and tail darkened to take on the color of the earth but its paws, resting on the body of his departed master, remained pure white denoting the purity of the High Priest’s soul transmigrating into the cat’s body.

Sinh stayed at the site of his master’s death. Exactly seven days later, he died too, carrying with him the soul of his master, Mun-Ha, to present to goddess Tsun Kyan-Kse for appraisal and reward.

The next dawn, when the kittah priests gathered before the goddess to pray for the soul of Mun-Ha and Sinh, a great miracle was observed – all the temple cats came in succession, well over a hundreds of them, all with sapphire eyes, golden coats, pointed pattern, and snowy white feet.

And that is how the Birman or, the Sacred Cat of Burma, came into being. A little ‘cat-scratch’ folklore for your enjoyment.