Cancer Cats

Cancer feline, the cat of Crab
(June 22nd – July 21th)

Key features: Affectionate, maternal, sensitive and very amorous

The Cancerian cat makes for a highly domesticated and dedicated home-loving feline – if female, the perfect mother cat. Unless destined to become a breeding queen or the male, a stud cat, the responsible owner is recommended to consider spaying or neutering, since nothing short of this method will convince the Cancerian cat that it was not born to proliferate. Neutering, however, will not diminish this cat’s motherly concern for all small furry animals. On the contrary, its strong maternal instinct will extend to other small pets who could find themselves borne off to the warm, comfortable nest of the Cancerian cat.

Ruled by the Moon and therefore often emational and vulnerable to the negative effects of disaccord. They are generally plump and cuddly with kind sweet expressions set in round, moon-like faces. Among all the astrology signs, the humans of Cancerian cat are most unlikely to experience painful cat scratches.

Cancer rules the digestive organ, hence these cats are prone to stomach upsets – particularly during time of stress. Guard against stomach ulcers, issues related to the female reproductive organs and illnesses which require special diets.