Capricorn Cats

Capricorn feline, the cat of the Goat
(December 22nd – January 20th)

Key features: Conscientious, perfectionist, steadfast

Calm and self-disciplined with an air of solidity and graveness gives the Capricornian cat a maturity beyond its years.  Even Capricornian kittens are known to be solemn little fur balls, lacking the skittishness of their peers born under other astrological signs. The Capricornian association with Father Time and old age is the key factors of this cat grave demeanor.

Dislike changes, Capricornian cat is cautious in approach, preferring the safe sanctuary of its own indoor territory to the insecurity of the unfamiliar outdoors. Said to be governed by Saturn, the Great Taskmaster of the Zodiac, the Capricornian cat is living embodiment that  young shoulders can have old heads.

The element Earth, with its traditional association with caves, is strong in the Capricornian make-up explaining for the somewhat restrained attitude of this cat. It is careful in dishing out impulsive cat-scratches.

Longish torso, angular face with a straight nose, whilst the Capricornian cat makes a loyal and steadfast pet, it does not bestow its affections likely.

Cat born under Capricorn sign may face cramp, rheumatism, and a tendency to the dislocation of bones.  Other common problem associated with this cat are skin eczema and toothache. Guard against these problems with careful dietary planning and routine health check.