Cat Scratch Game with New Stories

Pixabay Image 585154Enough of the serious stuff, here’s a game that one may recall from childhood days. Cat scratch is a spooky and fun game to play at sleepovers for kids. It is also known as “Black Cat Scratch” and “Catscratches”. The game needs at least 2 persons to play.
First set up the atmosphere by completely switch off or dimmed the light of the room. If the players wish, you can put a weak torchlight or any safe light source on the floor where everybody will gather around.
The game starts with a storyteller sitting down with leg crossed, then one of the friends will lie down straight, resting his/her head on the story teller’s lap, facing up, eyes closed. The other kids will sit around the two forming a circle, holding hands. Everyone is silent, not a whisper is to be heard. Then the storyteller slowing massage the temples of the friend lying down, and start to tell a scary cat story. At the end of the story, get the friend lying down to quickly get up and pull up the back of his/her shirt, there appear three long red scratch marks. Others sitting around may find mysterious scratch marks on their back too! Spooky, isn’t it?

These are two new stories to tell for an exciting night.

Spooky Cat Story 1:

You wake up suddenly and find yourself alone.
On a long white corridor.
There is nobody you can see,
or a sound you can hear.
There is a door at the end of the corridor.
You walk slowly towards it.
Three steps away from the door,
the door silently swings open.
There is a black cat sitting there.
A big black cat with a scar across his face,
staring at you silently, unblinkingly.
Meowing harshly once.
You swing the door close.
But the cat manages to jump through before it closed.
You turn and run
With the big black cat right behind you
It jumps on you and scratches you
One, two, three scratches.
Cat scratches, cat scratches, cat scratches.

Spooky Cat Story 2:

An old sailor was lost in the sea.
He was alone on an old rickety boat.
All his mates were gone overnight.
He didn’t know why.
He no longer knows what day it was.
Finally, he landed on a deserted island.
He saw a big black cat on the beach.
He was very thirsty.
He was very hungry.
He tried to catch the cat.
The cat gave him three long good scratches.
One, two, three.
Cat scratches, cat scratches, cat scratches.