Cat Scratch Summer Camp Game

A night in a tent in the wilderness is a fun time to play the cat scratch game if you have young kids. The game is also called “Black Cat Scratch” or “Catscratches”. The game requires not less than 2 persons to play. The players can be all young kids, but in the wilderness, perhaps it is better for an adult or an older kid to take on the role of a storyteller.
First decide on who will be the story teller, then have everybody gather around in a circle. If the players wish, a weak torchlight can be put next to the storyteller at the center, then completely turn off all the other light source in the tent.

The game begins with the storyteller sitting down crossed legs, with a volunteer lies down straight, resting his/her head on the story teller crossed legs, facing up with eyes closed. The other players will hold hands forming a circle around the two in the center. Absolute hush is maintained. Then the storyteller will slowly massage the volunteer’s temples, and begin to recite a spooky cat tale. At the end of the story session, get the volunteer to get up promptly and pull up the back of his/her shirt, voila, three long angry scratch marks! Others may find baffling marks on their backs too! Strange, isn’t it?

Here is a new mysterious cat story to tell for a fun-filled night.

You were walking with your friends on a quiet trail.
Suddenly you find yourself all alone,
on a long shadow misty trail,
with nary a soul in sight,
only the wind is your companion.
You walk ahead, turning your head here and there,
Watching, listening.
In the distance, you can see a hut,
a dilapidated wooden hut.
You walk hesitantly towards it.
The door swinging slowly back and forth in the wind.
You pause at the door frame and looking in.
There is a mean looking black cat sitting high up on the beam,
staring at you, growling at you.
You start to back up.
The cat stands up.
You turn and run.
The big black cat launches through the air,
It lands on your back and scratches you.
Un, Deux, Trois
Cat scratches, scratches, scratches.