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Cat Owners versus Dog Owners, who fare better?

A very interesting detailed study just concluded in the UK comparing how well cat owners measure up to dog owners. You may vehemently agree or disagree with the findings but here it goes.

According to the study conducted by UK VetPlus, canine lovers are chirpier, more sociable and take home bigger salaries than feline lovers.

The researchers who carried out the detailed analysis found those who own cats are more likely to savor their own company. Feline owners are happier with solitary lifestyle and relish leading a slower pace of life, the data suggested. That may explain why 60 percent of cat lovers remain single, as compared to 55 percent unattached dog owners.

The research found dog owners are more likely to be property owners rather than renters. They tend to pay off their mortgage faster than those who chose feline companions. Interestingly, the survey found cat owners are also inclined to stay with their parents longer.

On the career front, the study found cat owners are on the disadvantage side with an average income of £24,000 (USD 34,700) a year, while dog owners averaging £27,000 (USD39,000) a year. On the plus side, cat owners are less likely to be stressed out by their job.

The research found dog owners are likely to be more of an achiever with 11 percent described themselves as “extremely successful”, 3 percent more than their cat-loving counterparts.

The biggest difference between UK’s cat lovers and dog lovers are shown in social connectivity. Cat lovers on the average have 50 online friends while dog lovers averaging 60 online friends. On face-to-face contact, cat owners fare similarly with 12 close friends while dog owners have 15 close buddies. Not surprisingly, cat owners score lower on their sex life too averaging twice per week, while their dog-loving counterparts report three times a week.
The study also found UK cat owners spend less on their pet, averaging £47 (USD68) a month feeding their feline companions and keeping them healthy and fit. On the other hand, dog owners shell out £60 (USD87) monthly on food and other items.

Probably the most controversial finding is that the data collected points out dog owners seem to adore their canine friends more, scoring 9.5 over 10 on the affectionate scale compared to cat lovers’ 8 over 10 scores.
VatPlus carried out the research in the UK involving 1,500 adults who have dogs or cats as companions “to understand the differences between dog and cat owners and what drives them to visit a vet.” They conclude that the result “may well be because of the difference in lifestyles and relationships between the pet and the owner.”
It will be interesting to conduct the same study in the United States to see if similar or contradicting results are found across the ocean, won’t it be?


Cultural Impact of Cat Living in Our Midst

Cats, the small, furry, active, highly agile, sometimes sneaky carnivorous mammals, are certainly unique animals. Among all the domesticated animals, cats probably enjoy the most freedom, coming and going as they please. In America, it is estimated that there are some 74 million cats sharing households with people, 2 million more than dogs, surprisingly.

Their presence in American life is so pervasive that whole range of industries has mushroomed to support cat ownership. Walk into a pet shop, you will be amazed by the range of products, toys, foods, books, health supplements, and many other items that are specifically catered for cats. It is also not surprising to find people plan their daily routines or vacations around their cats.
The dominance of cats in our cultures is deeply entrenched in our society. Countless songs have been written based on cats, among them – “Cool for Cats” by Squeeze, “Cat Scratch Fever” by Ted Nugent, “The Lovecats” by The Cure, and who can forget about the breezy “Nashville Cats” by the Lovin’ Spoonful.
Then you have the unforgettable feline characters in blockbuster movies. Perhaps the most famous of all is the enigmatic Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland. The Cat in Breakfast in Tiffany which is a symbol of Holly’s free and independent spirit, a very vital part of the story development. The Aristocats, perhaps the best on-screen celebration of cats is an animated musical movie with a flawless display of cat attributes: sophistication and grace laced with chilled and carefree vibes.

In the wondrous world of comics, the kick-ass Catwoman is as memorable as Batman, Black Cat is perhaps Spiderman’s kryptonite, and Ocelotina is as inappropriately brilliant as possible. On imported front, Hello Kitty is a force to reckon with. Not only Hello Kitty merchandise is present in almost every households with little girls, celebrities have no qualm in toting Hello Kitty items on red carpets.

There are countless online cat-themed games to keep the technology-savvies occupied. Then you have the old fashion game called Black Cat Scratches, a favorite spooky story telling game for little kids’ sleepover nights or summer camp nights.
Cat-themed clothing, bedding, gifts are of course easily available. Brides have chosen cat-themed weddings and countless cat-themed parties have been held with great success.nails
Then perhaps lean towards the wild side, there are humans who took to surgically altered their looks to resemblance cats. Cat themed tattoo on the face or body seems mild in comparison!
A cup of tea or coffee with your feline friend in a cat-friendly cafe, anyone?


Cat Scratch Summer Camp Game

A night in a tent in the wilderness is a fun time to play the cat scratch game if you have young kids. The game is also called “Black Cat Scratch” or “Catscratches”. The game requires not less than 2 persons to play. The players can be all young kids, but in the wilderness, perhaps it is better for an adult or an older kid to take on the role of a storyteller.
First decide on who will be the story teller, then have everybody gather around in a circle. If the players wish, a weak torchlight can be put next to the storyteller at the center, then completely turn off all the other light source in the tent.

The game begins with the storyteller sitting down crossed legs, with a volunteer lies down straight, resting his/her head on the story teller crossed legs, facing up with eyes closed. The other players will hold hands forming a circle around the two in the center. Absolute hush is maintained. Then the storyteller will slowly massage the volunteer’s temples, and begin to recite a spooky cat tale. At the end of the story session, get the volunteer to get up promptly and pull up the back of his/her shirt, voila, three long angry scratch marks! Others may find baffling marks on their backs too! Strange, isn’t it?

Here is a new mysterious cat story to tell for a fun-filled night.

You were walking with your friends on a quiet trail.
Suddenly you find yourself all alone,
on a long shadow misty trail,
with nary a soul in sight,
only the wind is your companion.
You walk ahead, turning your head here and there,
Watching, listening.
In the distance, you can see a hut,
a dilapidated wooden hut.
You walk hesitantly towards it.
The door swinging slowly back and forth in the wind.
You pause at the door frame and looking in.
There is a mean looking black cat sitting high up on the beam,
staring at you, growling at you.
You start to back up.
The cat stands up.
You turn and run.
The big black cat launches through the air,
It lands on your back and scratches you.
Un, Deux, Trois
Cat scratches, scratches, scratches.


Cat Scratch Game with New Stories

Pixabay Image 585154Enough of the serious stuff, here’s a game that one may recall from childhood days. Cat scratch is a spooky and fun game to play at sleepovers for kids. It is also known as “Black Cat Scratch” and “Catscratches”. The game needs at least 2 persons to play.
First set up the atmosphere by completely switch off or dimmed the light of the room. If the players wish, you can put a weak torchlight or any safe light source on the floor where everybody will gather around.
The game starts with a storyteller sitting down with leg crossed, then one of the friends will lie down straight, resting his/her head on the story teller’s lap, facing up, eyes closed. The other kids will sit around the two forming a circle, holding hands. Everyone is silent, not a whisper is to be heard. Then the storyteller slowing massage the temples of the friend lying down, and start to tell a scary cat story. At the end of the story, get the friend lying down to quickly get up and pull up the back of his/her shirt, there appear three long red scratch marks. Others sitting around may find mysterious scratch marks on their back too! Spooky, isn’t it?

These are two new stories to tell for an exciting night.

Spooky Cat Story 1:

You wake up suddenly and find yourself alone.
On a long white corridor.
There is nobody you can see,
or a sound you can hear.
There is a door at the end of the corridor.
You walk slowly towards it.
Three steps away from the door,
the door silently swings open.
There is a black cat sitting there.
A big black cat with a scar across his face,
staring at you silently, unblinkingly.
Meowing harshly once.
You swing the door close.
But the cat manages to jump through before it closed.
You turn and run
With the big black cat right behind you
It jumps on you and scratches you
One, two, three scratches.
Cat scratches, cat scratches, cat scratches.

Spooky Cat Story 2:

An old sailor was lost in the sea.
He was alone on an old rickety boat.
All his mates were gone overnight.
He didn’t know why.
He no longer knows what day it was.
Finally, he landed on a deserted island.
He saw a big black cat on the beach.
He was very thirsty.
He was very hungry.
He tried to catch the cat.
The cat gave him three long good scratches.
One, two, three.
Cat scratches, cat scratches, cat scratches.

The Benefits of Owning a Cat

Since ancient times, cats are praised, adored, revered, and even worshiped by humans across the globe. Today, the love affair between cats and humans are stronger more than ever. Americans certainly love cats, there is no doubt about it, there are some 73 million cats living in American households, compare to 71 million dog ownership.

Many households do not consider their homes are complete without having a cat or two in the midst. The benefits of owning a cat(or pet in general) have been widely studied and profound measurable physical and mental health advantages are recorded regardless of social status, religious belief, and income level.

Despite the standoffish attitude, some people may associate with cats, anybody who has experienced the loving head-butt from an affectionate kitty knows it is completely a myth. Cats enjoy human interaction just as much as other pets, there is nothing they enjoy more than curling on your lap and having you stroke them or talk to them. “Purr-therapy” are among the best form of mental relaxation techniques for both humans and their feline friends.

Cats are very good in providing daily structure to their owners. They help to reduce stress and anxiety, providing low maintenance companionship and comfort to their people. Introvert or shy people will definitely find it a lot easier to communicate with a cat or other pet. A communication channel with a warm furry body is a great way to reduce the feeling of loneliness and isolation. Having something real to take care of also relieve your mind on constantly worrying about insignificant issues.

Immune System Boost
Studies have shown that individuals growing up with pets or living on livestock farms have a stronger disease-fighting immune system. They are exposed to a wider range of pathogens at a young age and likely developed long-term immunity against a variety of illnesses that carry well into their adulthood.

Having someone else to take care of and negotiate with ( the cat is a great negotiator) can help a child (or adult) to develop a better understanding of communication and be considerate of the needs and feeling of others. The ability to empathize helps to forge stronger relationship with others and make life much easier and enjoyable. In today’s smaller family units, having a cat or a dog could well be a great substitute for a missing argumentative sibling.

You may not need to walk your cat, but you still need to scoop up your cat a few times a day, play a little with it, rub a tummy every now and then.

Medical Benefits
Many hospitals, hospice centers, old folks homes, and retreats have permanent cats or dogs on sites to enhance relaxation and wellness. Stroking a furry pet is known to reduce stress all over and help to speed up recovery period. Having a cat purring on your lap, or snuggling around your legs is such an enjoyable experience that common folks around the world are popping into cat cafes for some feline therapeutic sessions too.

What to consider
Despite the known benefits of interaction with cats, owning a cat is a long-term responsibility that need to be taken seriously. Cats generally can live up to 20 years old, considerably longer than their canine friends. But if you decide to own one and found one that meet your lifestyle and temperament, the cat can bring you and your family joy and companionship for many years to come.