Cats of the Witches and Warlocks

According to ancient ‘cat-scratch’ tale: All Halloween night is a pagan feast of the dead and marking the moment when supernatural forces symbolizing cold and death return to Earth. Witches and warlocks, accompanied by their feline ‘familiars’, travel on broomsticks to the great Sabbats.

And when the appropriate time has arrived, the witches and warlocks chant the powerful magic spell to metamorphosis themselves into the likeness of cats.

‘When we go into the likeness of a cat, we say thrice over:
“I shall go into a cat,
With sorrow and a sigh and a black shot.
I shall go in the Devil’s name
Ay, while I come home again”.’

On Halloween day in the dark ages, cat owners took great effort to prevent their cats from participating the Sabbats with the witches and warlocks, lest they gain undesirable power.

In 1950, Scotland warlock John Fian and other members of his coven, were charged with having raised or attempted to raise a storm with the intention to drown King James VI of Scotland then returning from Denmark. Fian and his witches used cats by flinging them into the sea, to arouse their devilish purpose.