Do cats actually need their nails clipped?

If your cat’s digits look more like talons than nails, then the answer is a definitely ‘yes’. Otherwise, it depends.

My mum’s cat, Devil, is a monster with the meanest looking talons. How do they get to be so long? Well, for one thing, my mum has this belief that nail trimming is for the benefits of humans but do nothing for the cat. Secondly, he absolutely would not let anyone else come close to its paws. So grew they did!

Pixabay Image 948432 My  mum does have a valid point, except that Devil has a bit of trouble moving around the house because his long claws entangled on things. His long claws also turn potential human playmates away as you’re likely to get scratched one way or the other. In principle, I guess cats suppose to take care of their claws by scratching on things or chew them down naturally. But Devil, the lazy and mighty, has turned into a fat Grim Ripper with ten miniature scythes at his disposal.

Cats claws, literally and figuratively speaking, can be an agent of death. Not only their claws can get razor-sharp that give you nasty scratches or punctured holes intentionally or accidentally, they are known for harboring harmful pathogens that can caused illnesses such as cat-scratch disease. If the claws get too long, it is uncomfortable for the cat as well, their claws get caught into rugs and fabrics, and bloody paw may happen, or the nails have gotten so long, they curved inwards and cut into the toe pads.

Invest in a couple of suitable scratching poles and entice the cat to use them, is probably the least stressful way to keep the claw length in checked. Please read related articles: How to Select a Suitable Scratching Post for Your Cat and Training Your Cat to Use the Scratching Post may be helpful in providing necessary information on scratching material selection as well as how to get the kitty to actually use them!

However, human interference is probably needed every so often, especially for indoor cats, less active cats and senior cats. If the claws are visible when the cat is just lounging around, a trim is likely due. A cat usually will grow accustomed to toenails being trimmed if the session is full of petting, praising, and plentiful of tasty treats. Give it a few trial runs before calling it quits and speed dial the vet or groomer. It can be a wonderful bonding time between the kitty and you.

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