Famous Cat Lovers’ Quotes, Part 2

Cat is a fascinating little creature that has provided endless joy but has also induced much exasperation especially when the cat decided it is time for a little cat-scratch session on its human or other pets. Cat lovers through ages have frequently written about cat describing its undisputable grace and one-of-a-kind attitude. Here are a few quotes from well-known cat lovers perfectly describing how they lived in harmony with their feline companions.

‘To gain the friendship of a cat is a difficult thing. The cat is a philosophical, methodical, quiet animal, tenacious of its own habits, fond of order and cleanliness, and it does not lightly confer its friendship. If you are worthy of its affection, a cat will be your friend, but never your slave. He keeps his free will, though he loves, and he will not do for you what he thinks its unreasonable. But if he once gives himself to you it is with absolute confidence and affection!’ … Théophile Gautier, 1850

‘The Egyptians have observed in the eyes of a Cat, the encrease of the Moonlight for with the Moone, they shine more fully at the full, and more dimly in the change and wain, and the male Cat doth also vary his eyes with the Sunne; for when the Sunne ariseth, the apple of his eye is long; towards no one it is round, and at the evening it cannot be seene at all, but the whole eye sheweth alike.’ … Historie of Foure-footed Beasts, Edward Topsell, 1607

‘The cat makes himself the companion of your hours of solitude, melancholy and toil. He remains for whole evenings on your knee, uttering his contented purr, happy to be with you, and forsaking the company of animals of his own species. In vain do melodious meowing on the roof invite him to one of those cat parties in which fish bones play the part of tea and cakes; he is not to be tempted away from you. Put him down and he will jump up again, with a sort of cooing sound that is like a gentle reproach; and sometimes he will sit upon the carpet in front of you, looking at you with eyes so melting, so caressing, so human, that they almost frighten you; for it is impossible to believe that a soul is not there.’ … Théophile Gautier, 1850

Not everyone opts for pedigree, one British Royal Academician, Ruskin Spear CBE was not impressed by the pomposity associated with pedigrees.  Before his death in 1990, he said: ‘Give me a moggie every time. Pedigrees are cats with birth certificates, aren’t they?’ 

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