Famous Cat Lovers’ Quotes, Part 3

Despite frequently getting in the way and occasionally inflicting a few cat-scratches, cat and its human remain the best of friends. This is the 3rd collection of beautiful words from devoted cat lovers on one of the most cherished pets in the world – cat. Please be sure to read the first and second parts too.

‘Those fortunate enough to have been touched by its mystique will agree that once the strange Oriental magic of the Siamese cat has been revealed to them, they will forever remain in its enchanted spell…’ … The Fabulous Siamese, Joan Moore, 1986

‘Siamese are a special breed and should be kept as such – the same may be said of the Manx and the Blues. All attempts to cross these cats with other breeds should be discouraged.’… 19th century British Cat Expert Frances Simpson

‘A cat should be handled gently and kept as calm as possible during the judging. Women are naturally more gentle in their methods, and more tender-hearted. When my pets are entered in competition, may some wise, kind woman have the judging of them!’ … Helen Winslow, 1900

‘I am not a friend, and I am not a servant. I am the Cat that walks by himself and I wish to come into your cave.’ … The Cat That Walked by Himself, Rudyard Kipling, (1865 – 1936)

‘Cats are distant, discreet, impeccably clean and able to stay silent. What more could be needed to be good company?’… Marie Leczinska (18th century)