Gemini Cats

Gemini feline, the cat of Twins
(May 22nd – June 21th)

Key features: Duality, versatility, intellectual

High-spirited and energetic, the Geminian feline is the undisputable ‘playful pussy’ with a mental flexibility that makes this cat the ideal pet for a like-minded human. Versatile and adaptable, this busy little fur ball is a great conversationalist and its ebullient chirruping could well charm birds out of trees.

The communicative little Gemini cat, however, can create complete chaos in mere seconds with its bustling romping around the house. Curtains climbed and torn, plants are toppled, ornaments knocked over and whose are those nasty cat-scratch marks on the dining table?

Exquisite in build with quick, alert eyes, the Gemini cat is always active with a boundless energy springing from a seemingly endless source, aided by Gemini’s ruling planet – Mercury, quicksilver messenger of the gods.

Charismatic and delightful but prefer to form relationships on its own sweet time and terms, the Gemini cat is not a ‘cuddly’ little creature and can sometimes be a puzzling, enigmatic feline reflecting its duality of its birth sign. A love of open spaces and fresh air also echoes the adaptability of the planet Gemini.

The Gemini cat usually makes a swift recovery from most illness. Health problems are associated with the shoulders, limbs and lungs.