Leo Cats

Leo feline, the cat of Lion
(July 24th – August 23rd)

Key features: Confidence, earnestness, honor

Charismatic, warm-hearted and with a strong sense of dignity, the Leo feline can certainly hold up the title ‘The King of Cats’.  Whilst traditionally Leo cats sport luxurious coats of red or gold, not all of these beautiful felines possess the brilliant colors of their ruling planet the Sun. Coat condition of most Leo cats, however, is often quite impressive.

An avid attention seeker and getting them, this trait can sometimes lead to produce of an arrogant, self-centered and vain cat.  Watch out for those cat-scratch inducing claws when its on its self-serving mode. However, most Leo will always repay the love and attention received from its adoring humans with generosity, loyalty and a rare companionship until the end of its days.

Leo cats usually make excellent parents – the male a proud, protective father and the female, a wise and caring mother.

Leo cats move with boldness, regal and fearless. Their eyes are bright, large, and mesmerizing with their authoritative gaze.

Leo cats are prone to circulatory and heart problems. Guard against diseases of the spine.