Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is one of the oldest natural breeds of cat in America. Originated in the East Coast of America in the State of Maine, it was first mentioned in 1861 as one named ‘Captain Jenks’, a name perfectly suitable for a breed of such strength and agility.

Due to its dark, tabby coat and bushy tail resembling a raccoon, as American folklore has it, Maine Coon is the result of mating between semi-wild Maine cats  with raccoons – hence the name. There is another school of thought that Maine Coon is the offspring of a mating between an Angora and Maine working cats. However, the Maine Coon is most likely the descendent of Viking’s Norwegian Forest Cat mated with native wild cats.

Maine Coon is a hardy cat with a shaggy, semi-longhaired double coat. It is also one of the largest of the cat breeds, weighing around 11 -15 lbs (5 – 7 kg). Occasionally, folks called in to mistakenly report sightings of dangerous wild cats on the prowl but were actually the harmless adult Maine Coons exploring the neighborhood.

The Maine Coon is a popular cat kept as pet on both sides of the oceans.