Noah’s cats

A legend relates that when Noah built his Ark, he had two of every animal except the domestic cat, which was unknown at the time. The rain began to fall and the rats began to multiply quickly. Despite of earnest appeal from Noah, the rats continue to raid the Ark’s store, diminishing the provision at an alarming rate.

In sheer desperation, Noah asked the Lion for advice. The Lion contemplated, scratched his head and sneezed whereupon two small lions jumped out of his nostrils. These were the very first pair of cats. The cats immediately began hunting, with their claws and agile small bodies, they quickly ‘cat-scratch’ their way through small nooks and crannies and brought the number of rats and mice down to manageable level.

With sufficient food supply Noah and his animals were able to survive the great flood and were able to repopulate the earth.

And here you have it, the birth of the very first pair of domestic cats and their purpose according to ancient legend. How they have grown from working animals to indispensable family members with their ability and charming demeanor?