Obtaining a Strong Immune System The Easy Way

A vibrant immune system keeps benign disease harmless. Without a strong immune system, a supposedly self-resolving disease such as cat scratch disease can escalate into a much-complicated disease affecting vital internal organs, joints and muscles, and central nerve system. Acquiring and maintaining a healthy immune system is embedded in our DNA through millennium of human evolution to protect our bodies from the potentially dangerous microorganism. Even before a fetus is conceived, a ritual of partner selection ensures the best survival traits are passed on to the baby. Building a strong immune system is second nature to us, from a baby suckling on her mother’s milk, consuming clean food and water, to engaging in physical activities. We are constantly acquiring a healthier body around the clock unconsciously, or at least, that was the case until we were convinced by waves of aggressive marketing campaigns that we need to spend lots of money on exotic premium foods, out-of-the-world rejuvenating procedures, and costly gym memberships. Nothing against those if you can afford it but for the average people, it is a lot easier to give your immune system a boost than we have led to believe.

There are a number of ways to acquiring a healthier immune systems. First of all, take the recommended vaccination. There are a lot of unfounded accusation on vaccination for the last decade, but it remains the most effective means of preventing mass infectious disease. Talk to your doctor before completely ruling out the benefits of vaccination.

Next on the list is breathing, yes, you hear me right. Just breathe, breathe deep and breathe long. A long deep breath that involves your tummy rather than one that barely fills a chest. A few times a day, every day. The best is, it is free, and you can do it anywhere, any time of the days. Think about it – without water or food, we can still live at least a day or two; without oxygen, our brain is dead in four minutes. So should not proper deep breathing a must in developing a healthier body?

Stress is an immune system basher. This is a no-brainer. Stress in life is unavoidable but do we have to worry about every single thing? So what if your teenage kid skips a bath or two, it is not going to kill him. So you were trashed on social media, don’t be such a glutton for self-punishment, just don’t log on to read them. Have you ever thought of a hater on the internet is just a pathetic person who has nothing going on with his/her own life that the best ‘high’ they can get is sit in seclusion and criticize others? A real problem needs a real solution that you will surely actively seek out. Seek out the solution, obtain professional help if necessary and follow through. Sitting on a real issue and worrying about it is not going to make anything better. If a nagging issue not worth finding out a solution for, it is probably not worth your time worrying about it!

Next on the list is skin health. Skin, our outer layer, covering and holding every muscle, ligament, bone, tissues and cells, and internal organs in place, is our greatest self-protection mechanism against the external microorganism. Skin also regulates body heat, crucial in external sensory, Vitamin D production, lipids and water storage, perspiration and mineral excretion. So do take care of your skin. Wear proper attire, apply moisturizer and sunscreen when needed to protect your skin. Attend to wound and cut in a timely manner. Pay attention to other abnormal skin lesion and seek medical attention if wound or skin lesion is not healing in time.

Oral hygiene is very important for a stronger immune system as well. Healthy gum, tongue, teeth, and oral mucosa keep out harmful pathogens. When you can chew thoroughly, food is a lot tastier, and life is a little enjoyable too. So do take care of your oral hygiene as taught by your mother or in preschool.

Another no brainer in boosting the immune system is exercise, but many people are turn off by it because the minute the word ‘exercise’ comes up, the image of hundreds of torturous sit ups pops up. In reality, a nice daily stroll or light jog around the office block or neighborhood is adequate for most. Another effective and painless way is incorporating heart-pumping gestures into your daily lives. Try to do a few deep squats while brushing teeth. Try loaded walk like the marines -walk to and back from your neighborhood grocery store with your purchases. Shake your booty a little while doing household chores is a lot more fun and give an even greater workouts. Why not do a little weight training while in the kitchen – lift your heavy duty pan over your head a few times is fast and easy. Join in your kid activities, skip a little, jump rope a little, swing a little, or take a splash in a pool and you are well on the path to a stronger and happier you.

Maintaining a healthy weight range is important for your body to fight off illness. If you are already in the healthy weight range, keep it. If you are way overweight, perhaps it is time to make a conscious decision to reduce your weight by cutting down on soda drinks, processed or sugary foods, and fatty foods. After all, what do you have to loose? Hefty medical bills? If you lapse for a few days on watching your diet, it is no big deal (we are all guilty of over-indulging occasionally), just resume as soon as possible and try to eat healthier.

What constitutes healthy eating? In the last decade or so, healthy eating is probably the most confusing topic. The egg was bad, now is one of the super foods. Carbohydrate is still bad, but many daily rice-eating ethnic groups are among the healthiest people in the world. Low fat was good but is being blamed now as a cause of obesity, etc. Amid all the noises, Americans just get fatter and fatter. I personally think just eat in moderation of what your grandparents would eat and throw in some ethnic foods from other cultures every now and then to expose yourself to a wider range of fresh food, herbs, and spices. Simple!

Staying away from drugs and cigarettes, drink only moderately are a lot more effective than eating pricey organic foods. Do not allow a mild symptom escalates into a full blown sickness is important. Have family and friends to laugh with, cry with, play with is also a major immune system booster.

A robust immune system is feasible with some alterations in our lives if any. It does not have to be all time consuming or costly. Keep your vaccination up to date, breathe deeply a few times a day, pay attention to personal hygiene, eat moderately and sensibly, partake in fun physical activities, sit back and relish life a little, and you will soon be overjoyed by the results.