Ocicat Breed

If you are looking for a friendly and playful cat that has similar temperament as a dog, you are looking for a ocicat cat.

Ocicats are often not shy around strangers and get along with other animals just fine. Many enjoy a game of fetch and enthusiastic with toy. They are not against walking on lease and harness. Best of all they are known to come when called, sit, lie down, speak on command and other common dog tricks. The breed is often describe as a “dog in a cat’s body”. If you are looking for a cat to ‘rehabilitate’ a dog person, you have a very high success rate with an Ocicat.

The Ocicat is a very unique breed with appearance of a wild cat but is without wild DNA in its gene pool. The feline was first breed by Virginia Daly, an American from Berkley, Michigan in 1964, in an attempt to produce an Abyssinian-pointed Siamese. The second generation produced a spotted kitten and nicknamed ‘Ocicat’ by the breeder’s daughter for its similarity to the Ocelot. More similar spotted litters were produced by the parent cats and these litters formed the basis of Ocicat breed.

Later breeders introduced American Shorthairs Silver Tabbies gene into the breed and gave the breed their silver color, bigger bone structure and the distinctive markings known today.
Today the Ocicat is found all around the world, favored for its friendly nature but wild appearance.

The standard colors for the Ocicat breed are tawny, chocolate and cinnamon, their dilutes, blue, lavender and fawn, and those with silver are black silver (ebony silver), chocolate silver, cinnamon silver, blue silver, lavender silver and fawn silver. One of the most distinctive ‘wild’ features of these cats is the dark contrasting spots.

Ocicats are described as having a modified “wedge” head that is longer than wide. Their eyes are almond shaped. with ears tilted at a 45 degree angle. They also have large, impressive bodies, strong legs with dark markings, and powerful, oval shaped paws. Despite they are heftier than expected, Ocicats are very agile and keen to play. This is a breed suitable for family even with a couple of other pets thrown in as well.