Pisces Cats

Pisces feline, the cat of Fish
(February 20th – March 20th)

Key features: Affectionate, imaginative, and peace-loving

The whimsical Piscean feline is a dreamer and unless constantly reminded otherwise, will exist in a fantasy world of its own making. Imaginative and kind-hearted, these enchanting creatures are among life’s ‘gentle folk’, full of understanding and forgiveness and may be just too nice for this devilish world! Its human companion is unlikely to be subjected to an intentional cat-scratches.
The feline Piscean will avoid awkward situations like the plague, opting for the cocooning security of sunnier, trouble-free waters.

Piscean feline dislikes criticism and will not admit to be the culprit who missed the litter tray, firmly convinced that it was the other cat the guilty party. Often in agonies of indecision, the unhappy state of affairs tends to be an issue to the Piscean feline who will delay and take its own sweet time in making a choice.

Notwithstanding, this delightful cat with its small, shapely body and luminous eyes can achieve an almost psychic relationship with its owner and can be the most sympathetic and supportive of companion.

Piscean symbolized by two fishes swimming in opposite directions, therefor, it is not surprising to find Piscean puss often takes to water easily. Pisces rules the feet, liver, and circulation. Watch out for cat flu and diseases of the liver in your feline companion.