Sagittarius Cats

Sagittarius feline, the cat of great Archer
(November 23rd – December 21st)

Key features: Outgoing, confident, independent

Active and with a well-developed sense of adventure, the Sagittarian feline is a happy-go-lucky creature surviving often more by good luck than by good sense. This cat’s boundless energy coupled with its misguided straight-arrow approach to life make it a highly lovable character. The light-hearted, adventure-happy attitude of the Sagittarian cat is a perfect embodiment of mischievous cat with a talent for getting into – and out of – numerous scrapes and still ending up with a smile on his face!  Fresh air and a good old ‘cat-scratch’ on a solid tree trunk are necessities for this cat.

Given the opportunity, the Sagittarian cat is an excellent mouser and should its territory prove to be a mouse-free zone, its attention will turn to other small animals. Old crisp packets, socks, gloves, small toys – all these trophies and more are carried back home and presented as gifts for the ‘delight’ of its human.

Of slim build with large, expressive eyes, the adventurous Sagittarian cat adores to be the center of attention and because of its active lifestyles is more prone to accidents than others.

Rheumatism is a common problem with cat born under the sign of Sagittarius. Guard against joint pains by enforcing curfew and provide warm comfortable bed by the fireside.