Scorpio Cats

Scorpio feline, the cat of Scorpion
(October 24th – November 22nd)

Key features: Persistence, discrete, intensely psychic

The Scorpio feline is known to possess boundless stamina, great strength of focus and its actions are often goaded by the depth of its passions. Being of an intensely sensitive character, this crucial aspects of the Scorpio cat’s disposition, if unsatisfied, can bring forward an unrecognized creature of almost satanic intensity, watch out for those nasty cat-scratches then! Secretive, with near menacing eyes that seem to seek out their humans’ innermost insecurities and fears, the Scorpio cats are most likely to have been the wicked sidekicks of witches in medieval dark ages.

Great manipulators, cats born under this Scorpio sign appear to have everything and everyone under control – including their adoring but bemused owners. Owners should take great care not to fall completely under the spell of these cats!

Heavy, muscular and strong-boned, Scorpio cats are famously adaptable and by some strange wizardry manage to exist on their own terms in most situations with very little complication at all. Projecting a strong personal magnetism, Scorpio cats are both careful yet courageous. On the negative side, the cat may be prone to jealousy, retaliation, and some might think the most suitable candidate for surrendering to the animal shelter!

Scorpio governs the reproductive organs, the bladder and the colon. Guard this cat against lesions and hernias.