Superstitious beliefs related to cats

Old fashion superstitions help people deal with uncertainties in life, many of them are as relevant today as it was 100 years ago.  Among them many are cat related.

For venture prediction:

  • If a black cat appears among the audience on opening night, a successful play can be expected.
  • In England, a cat is often kept as a lucky mascot in the theatre.
  • It is inauspicious to hear a cat crying before setting off on a journey.
  • Black and white, and grey cats are thought to be lucky cats.
  • When a cat washes its face in the sitting room, guest can be expected.
  • In the fisherman’s village of Yorkshire coast of England, black cat is kept in the house by the women to ensure safe return of their menfolk.
  • A black cat brings fortune and success.
  • Finding a perfectly white hair in an all-black cat and plucks the hair out without suffering the cat scratches, great fortune and true love are awaiting.
  • A cat with three different hues in its coat has the power to protect one against fire.
  • In Japan, a beckoning cat brings good fortune to its owner. A very popular cat figurine with its left paw raised and beckoning are commonly seen throughout Japan and neighboring countries.

For marriage prediction:

  • If a cat sneezes near the bride on her wedding morning, her marriage will be a happy and successful one.
  • An undecided bride-to-be can take three hairs from a cat’s tail, wraps them in paper, and place it under her door step. If in the morning, the cat hairs form the letter ‘Y’, the answer is ‘Yes’; but if the letter ‘N’ is found instead, the answer is ‘No’.
  • In the southern region of France, if an unmarried woman accidentally steps on a cat’s tail, she will not be able to find a husband in the next twelve months.

For weather prediction:

  • Watch out for frost or a storm if cats sit with their back to the fire.
  •  When cats dash about wildly, tearing at furniture or soft furnishes with their claws, strong wing is approaching.
  • A cat washers its ears will bring rain.
  • In the Malay Archipelago region, the Malays and Indonesians believe that bathing  your cat will bring forth rain.
  • A cat looking out of the window is likely looking for a rain.
  • A cat on a ship brings good luck. However, if the cat appears crossed and dissatisfied, the sail may be difficult. A bright and happy cat brings a brisk ‘following’ wind.
  • A cat thrown overboard brings immediate storm.

Across the continents, it is commonly believed ill luck would befall those who mistreat a cat.  Judging by cat ability to dish out good strong ‘cat-scratch’ wounds, the saying is unquestionable.