Superstitious Cats

In the Middle Ages which lasted from the 5th to the 15th century, cats were not very popular because of their association with witchcraft and black magic. Prior to the Age of Discovery, superstitions about cats were abound, some of them are still well alive today.

There are people who hold on to the belief that the cat is a reincarnation of the devil. Umm! Has it anything to do with those sharp claws capable of inducing serious cat-scratches?. Black-coloured felines are often thought to be the worst of all and have been the unfortunate recipients of much cruelty from human through ages. It is not an coincidence that black kittens have the highest rate of being abandoned.

It was thought, on the eve of St. John which falls on June 23rd, cats would left their homes to gather with the witches to celebrate Witches Sabbath. In order to prevent house cats from carrying out such act, their tails would be cut off by their superstitious owners when the cats are still young.

For a superstitious German, dreaming about a black cat during Christmas period is a warning of an imminent serious illness. A trip or two to the church is a must.

It is a common belief if a black cat walks across one’s path, it is a sign of bad omen. Folks may well temporary put on hold their plans and visit places of worship seeking divine blessing to counteract whatever bad luck lurking. The funny thing is, in some other cultures, a black cat walks across one’s path is a very fortuitous event. Egyptians cats have always been adored and worshipped regardless of their colors, so I guess its all tie into what one has been brought up to believe.