Taurus Cats

Taurus feline, the cat of the Bull.
(April 21st – May 21th)
Key features: Dependable, firm and courageous

The Taurean feline is a good old-fashioned lap pussy cat. Flighty this one is not – preferring domestic comforts and home security to naughty date nights out. Too many ‘home comforts’, not surprisingly lead to a typical rounded Taurean frame. Owner of Taurean cat should pay attention to its meal portion to avoid obesity.

Taurean cat is territorial inclined and will defends its own back yard against all feline intruders. The intimidating physique coupled with growling, hissing, spitting and teeth showing is sufficient enough to dissuade the most determined trespasser. Solidly built with bull-like neck and powerful shoulders, the movement of the Taurean is slow, deliberate and lumbering.

Make no mistake, in pursuance of sensual gratification – attributed to ruling planet Venus – and having attached itself to the home and hearth of its humans, Taurean cat is a dependable and loyal companion for life. This cat is known for its trustworthiness, compassion and practicality. The undesirable traits are possessiveness, jealousy and self-indulgence, therefore, guard yourself against a nasty bout of cat-scratches if you happened to have shown affection to other cats. There is also an inclination to attach too much significance to routine – hence a lack of flair and imagination!

Vulnerable parts of the cat are the neck, throat, ears and the back of the head. Guard against obesity and throat infections.