The Benefits of Owning a Cat

Since ancient times, cats are praised, adored, revered, and even worshiped by humans across the globe. Today, the love affair between cats and humans are stronger more than ever. Americans certainly love cats, there is no doubt about it, there are some 73 million cats living in American households, compare to 71 million dog ownership.

Many households do not consider their homes are complete without having a cat or two in the midst. The benefits of owning a cat(or pet in general) have been widely studied and profound measurable physical and mental health advantages are recorded regardless of social status, religious belief, and income level.

Despite the standoffish attitude, some people may associate with cats, anybody who has experienced the loving head-butt from an affectionate kitty knows it is completely a myth. Cats enjoy human interaction just as much as other pets, there is nothing they enjoy more than curling on your lap and having you stroke them or talk to them. “Purr-therapy” are among the best form of mental relaxation techniques for both humans and their feline friends.

Cats are very good in providing daily structure to their owners. They help to reduce stress and anxiety, providing low maintenance companionship and comfort to their people. Introvert or shy people will definitely find it a lot easier to communicate with a cat or other pet. A communication channel with a warm furry body is a great way to reduce the feeling of loneliness and isolation. Having something real to take care of also relieve your mind on constantly worrying about insignificant issues.

Immune System Boost
Studies have shown that individuals growing up with pets or living on livestock farms have a stronger disease-fighting immune system. They are exposed to a wider range of pathogens at a young age and likely developed long-term immunity against a variety of illnesses that carry well into their adulthood.

Having someone else to take care of and negotiate with ( the cat is a great negotiator) can help a child (or adult) to develop a better understanding of communication and be considerate of the needs and feeling of others. The ability to empathize helps to forge stronger relationship with others and make life much easier and enjoyable. In today’s smaller family units, having a cat or a dog could well be a great substitute for a missing argumentative sibling.

You may not need to walk your cat, but you still need to scoop up your cat a few times a day, play a little with it, rub a tummy every now and then.

Medical Benefits
Many hospitals, hospice centers, old folks homes, and retreats have permanent cats or dogs on sites to enhance relaxation and wellness. Stroking a furry pet is known to reduce stress all over and help to speed up recovery period. Having a cat purring on your lap, or snuggling around your legs is such an enjoyable experience that common folks around the world are popping into cat cafes for some feline therapeutic sessions too.

What to consider
Despite the known benefits of interaction with cats, owning a cat is a long-term responsibility that need to be taken seriously. Cats generally can live up to 20 years old, considerably longer than their canine friends. But if you decide to own one and found one that meet your lifestyle and temperament, the cat can bring you and your family joy and companionship for many years to come.