Virgo Cats

Virgo feline, the Virgin cat
(August 24th – September 23rd)

Key features: Discerning, methodical, logical

Compulsive coat, paws and whisker washers, the Virgoan cat is fastidiously clean. This cat with its superb intelligence, often apply a fine sense of logic to attain its own ends – plus abundance of laid-back charm, keeps its human admirer captivated. The Virgo is an independent character who appreciates delicately prepared and regular meals.

A real cool and collected cat, the Virgoan cat is not particularly demonstrative, it likes its own space, hence, force cuddle may equate nasty cat scratches. Often exhibits a laborious fastidiousness regarding its cleanliness, hygiene and preference, the cat may seem downright ‘fussy’. If this does occur, tempt the finicky feeder with small, regular and tasty morsels. If mealtimes are still angst-ridden, make sure that the small, regular and tasty morsels also include tantalizing aromas.

The independent characteristic of this creature with a subdued sense of adventure, make the Virgoan cat a good match for busy career human admirer who can afford to supply healthy and tasty meals.

Virgoan cat may suffer from infection of the bowel, intestine and abdomen. Guard against diarrhoea and treat regularly for worms.